Dermatology Specialists of North Florida

John P Kartsonis, M.D., FAAD and Jean McClintock, M.D., FAAD
General, Surgical, and Cosmetic Dermatology
  Personal Skin Care by Board Certified Dermatologists  


Dr. John Kartsonis offers a wide array of cosmetic dermatology services to meet your skin care goals. 

Our laser, light therapy, and other cosmetic services include both non-invasive laser and surgical management of your skin

These include Botox ® to smooth your skin; sclerotherapy to reduce/collapse superficial leg veins; laser photo therapy and chemical and glycolic peels to refresh, brighten and tighten skin; and laser & light therapy intervention to reduce/remove skin discoloration, rosacea, broken blood vessels, fine wrinkles and unwanted hair.

Treatment Plans are personal--tailored by Dr. John Kartsonis to meet your unique needs & lifestyle. 





7711 Baymeadows Road East, Suite 6
Jacksonville, FL 32256
Telephone 904.731.1770
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